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Dental Health is Important for Your Pet

Anesthetized Cat Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygiene matters, not only for appearances, but also for your pet’s overall health. When pets develop gum disease, they experience painful chewing and eating, which significantly impacts their quality of life. Additionally, when bacteria build up in our pets’ gums, it can travel through the bloodstream and damage vital organs. Therefore, prevention of gum disease is key.

At Ballantrae Plaza Veterinary Clinic, we recommend an annual comprehensive dental examination/cleaning. Your pet’s dental appointment includes the following services:

  • We inspect your pet’s gum line for any signs of illness.
  • We perform a thorough dental cleaning under general anesthesia. Tartar and plaque are removed above and below the gum line, and each tooth is polished.
  • We take detailed digital dental x-rays to inspect the roots and jaw bone.
  • We can show you how to properly brush your pet’s teeth and recommend foods, water additives, and treats to help combat plaque and tartar buildup between visits.

Should your pet require dental surgery to remove infected or fractured teeth, we are equipped to handle these procedures. We routinely radiograph all offending teeth prior to extraction — an important step in ensuring excellent treatment for your pet. Local anesthetic is used to minimize gas anesthetic requirements and to help promote a comfortable recovery. Teeth are extracted carefully, and all surgical sites are neatly sutured closed. Your pet’s comfort is important to us, and pain medications and a soft diet will be recommended post-operatively.

Contact us today to learn more about our dental services or to request an appointment.